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Professional Cat Feeder, Exeter Devon

Hello, I'm Amy, The Crazy Cat Lady based in Exeter, Devon and the biggest animal lover you will ever meet.

I have been passionate about cats since I can remember! I was born into a household surrounded by cats, with my first word being "pussycat"! I own two Ragdoll cats named Freddie & Dexter who mean the world to me.

I offer professional cat feeding services whilst you are away, meaning you don't need to cause your cat unneccesary stress by removing them from their home & putting them into a cattery. I will give your cat the best care going to ensure they remain as calm & happy as they can possibly be whilst you are away.


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Cat Feeding Services

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10-20 Minute Visit Per Day - £15.00

I will ensure your cat(s) looks happy and healthy, give them lots of attention, feed them, brush them if required, change litter trays and feed any other small pets i.e. hamsters if required to do.

I can either come to visit your property and cat(s) beforehand for a fee of £10 or I can FaceTime/Zoom you free of charge, you would then need to arrange for your key to be dropped off to my address before you go.

Please feel free to get in touch with me using the contact form regarding any bespoke requirements you may have.

Terms & Conditions
* I ask for 25% deposit upon booking (non refundable)
* If I receive a cancellation within 24 hours of my visit, I will be unable to process a refund.
* Prices may vary slightly depending on travel time.
* If you have three or more cats, prices may vary due to the extra time it takes me.

Amy's Gallery of Lovely Mogs

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